AAYCCP 2.0 Grand Theme

"Mantaining ASEAN+3 Sovereignty Under Terrorism Threat"


The 4.0 Industrial Revolution and Its Contributions Against Terrorism
The 4.0 Industrial Revolution and Its Contributions Against Terrorism

Major changes and developments in the 21st century in various digital and physical technology sectors began to steal public attention lately. The fourth industrial revolution, which included the creation of robots, unmanned vehicles and nanotechnology, certainly had great hopes for its usefulness. The contribution of the industrial progress will also be impacted on the solution to counter terrorism solutions, both directly and indirectly. This is certainly a new way out that must be implemented immediately, so that the country is not left behind by these major changes. The world of literacy must be strengthened immediately to meet the Industrial Revolution 4.0 by fostering a generation of anti-terrorism.

Preserving Human Rights Under Terrorism Attack
Preserving Human Rights Under Terrorism Attack

Under this circumstance, Human Rights plays a very important role in indentifying terrorism from social, economics, cultural, and political factors. Thus, there is a need to understanding the policy of countering terrorism through prevention, mitigation and deradicalization could run effectively on target.

Potential Threat Caused by The Act of Terrorism to ASEAN+3 Regional Economic Stabilties
Potential Threat Caused by The Act of Terrorism to ASEAN+3 Regional Economic Stabilties

Terrorism greatly affects the stability on economy. Countries that are in conflict currently suffers from economics stabilility. Seeing the economic impact caused is very large, the government needs to do comprehensive mitigation to prevent acts of terrorism. Protection in strategic places, especially economic centers also needs to be done to minimize economic impacts. With the threat of terrorism for a country whose biggest income is from investment, the state loses not only the state but also investors, because one of the factor that influence investment is political and security stability.

Psychological Reflection Towards Threat
Psychological Reflection Towards Threat

Human by nature is a living kind whom react to each action directed to them. A threat is no exception. This sub-theme mainly talks about how human psychologically would and able to react to threats, as well as terrorism, due the fact mental health is currently on a daily basis of discussion among youth.

Observing Terrorism Through Environmental Perspective
Observing Terrorism Through Environmental Perspective

Terrorism has been a global issue which also mentions quality of life, leading through terrorism. The damages and destructions on vital objects such as public facilities need to be watched in order to mantain environmental security and eradicate terrorism.

Paper Requirements

  1. Each applicant must be an active university student who deeply concern about Southeast Asia region in general.
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  3. Each applicants must submit their abstract before the paper submission, which the criteria of the abstract are as following :
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    • Reference style : Chicago
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  7. The paper must be original work, has never been submitted for any competition, and has never been published.
  8. The submitted works must be in pdf format.
  9. Twenty participants whose papers are selected will be presenting in front of the judges.